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Sunday, December 20, 2015

Everything I need to know, I learned from an orange cat

1. Make peace with your rivals.

The bed is awfully comfy. The sunspot is wonderfully warm. The best things in life should be shared.

2. Don’t get caught in a compromising position. 

Or if you do, at least make sure there are no paparazzi in sight!

3. Sit and think.

Doesn’t matter if it’s a rocking chair, arm chair, or no chair. Sometimes you just have to take some time for yourself.

4. Leave the laundry for later.

Laundry isn’t just another comfortable place to rest. It’s also a massive hassle. It’s okay to make it wait.

5. Get a birds-eye view.

When you get the best seat in the house, you can see everything, from what Mom’s making for dinner to when she leaves the kitchen. Sure, you could steal the chicken or lick the butter anytime, but it’s way more fun to use stealth.

Alternately, the top of the cabinet can be the perfect place for getting away from it all. Cats have a special talent for creating those mountaintop experiences we all need from time to time.

6. Curl up with a friend.

Norbert and Lily were inseparable till the very end, through thick and thin and everything else (and I don’t just mean his waistline!).

7. Let others bless you.

It can be pretty scary to step out of your comfort zone and let others get that close. 

Try it, though. You’ll be glad you did. 

8. Celebrate the holidays.
You don’t have to get out the ornaments. 

You don’t have to become one with the tree the way Norb's sister once did. 

And you certainly don’t have to wear silly hats. 

Just remember that no matter what the world might be throwing at you, you can still take time for the peace and joy this season is meant to provide.

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