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Thursday, July 23, 2015

Bikes, bikes, and more bikes

Ever have thoughts so big they refuse to be disciplined into words? Yeah, me too. And when I'm not fighting that, I find myself wanting to rant extensively about, well, almost anything (trending now: LIARS, bad drivers, teenagers, and corruption, to name a few). Yet rants usually end up affecting no one but the ranter. So, in lieu of deep thoughts, the black cat brings you...

10 Reasons to Love the Tour de France
(in no particular order)

 At the end of every stage, there's a guy in polka dots.

What other sport rewards excellence with a yellow shirt and stuffed lion?

Clever (kind of) plays on words.

These guys climb mountains. On bikes...

...which gives new meaning to the term "switchback..."

...but also means you get to see views like this.


 This church.

The guy with the yellow flag.

Need I say more?

Thank you to the official Tour de France website for posting these amazing photos. You rock!

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