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Friday, August 28, 2015

More questions to which you might not want an answer...

It is the first week of classes here at the University, and overwhelmed is the understatement for how I feel. So in honor of that, I'm going to share a random series of questions that have cropped up in the past week. After all, it'd be no fun if I kept the surreality to myself! For an extra dose of fun, I've posted the answers, in a different order, below.  Up to you to match each question with its answer.


Did I turn off the grill?

Have you ever seen a bug that looks exactly like a leaf?

How can a physically healthy, fully sighted person literally walk into a car?

How can the password you used less than a minute ago become invalid without you actually changing it?

How much coffee do you drink every morning?

Is this classroom really big enough for 15 students?

Wait, is this a habanero?

What on earth is the cat licking?

What is that smell?

Where is the dog?


ADD. It's a real thing, people. I'm just glad he's ok.

Dinner. Mine. Not his.

Enough so that I don't smack you when you ask silly questions.


Nope, sure didn't. Glad I remembered before I actually left the driveway.

Not before today I haven't!

Probably not. Thank God for AC on a hot day!

Rolling. Don't ask the follow-up question. You don't want to know in what.

Why oh why do I keep asking this? I've never liked the answer before!

Yep, sure is. May have to take a fire extinguisher to my hands.

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